Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey Jess - When you get your Wii, we can play GH3 over the internet. ;) My students would absolutely love this. Thanks for thinking of me when you saw it!

In other news, I had hockey again tonight. It was fun and not nearly as taxing as last week. My endurance is building. And Jill didn't need her inhaler nearly as often this week. Hehe.


Sheri said...

Hi Dawn-

I wish I would have made it last night - Jesse was still sick and his daddy stayed home with him all day (not feeling so well either). Jesse has Atom Draft tonight (hopefully).

Debbie said...

nice avatar

Dawn said...

Thanks Deb =)

Sheri - Sorry you couldn't make it last night. I hope Jesse and Brian are feeling better. Tommy said they made it to drafts so that is good. TTYL

Jessica said...

Oh, I cannot wait to get a Wii! You will so kick my butt for a long time though! Can't wait, it'll be fun :)