Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The 1st Day of School!

How many do people normally have in their lifetime? Preschool to 12th grade gives you 14 1st days, I don't know if you would count college. It's such a different scene. Us lucky teachers have the 1st day of school for most of our lives. And you know what? There's nothing more nervewracking yet exciting than the 1st day of school. How quickly though do things becomes business as usual. Probably by mid-morning actually. ;)

The boys both did GREAT! Austin got good reviews from his preschool teacher and the daycare teacher as well. Thank the Lord, I was so worried about him. I walked by at one time and heard a screamer and was thankful to see Austin just looking probably towards the upset kid. Last year Austin was the screamer in daycare. He cried I know for at least 5 hours before finally falling asleep. He did that for about a week and then quickly settled in. Bless him heart. Tommy likes his teacher and 1st grade though he said he had to do a lot of writing. Oh if he only knew.

My class was good too. A very fun and lively group I have this year yet they also settled down to work very well. We'll see how it goes but I was very pleased today.

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Debbie said...

The boys are so cute and proud on their 1st day!! Glad to hear Austin is taking to it well and I have laugh at Tommy's large amount of writing in the 1st grade, ahhh, to be so innocent !