Saturday, September 8, 2007

Picture Perfect

Have any of you ever had a camera with a roll of film in it that has taken years to develop? It's almost as if it were an unintentional time capsule.

Yesterday was our biweekly pizza visit to Grandpa's. He had some new pictures to show us. The one roll had pics of them in their old home that they moved out of over 5 years ago. There was also a pic of Grandma, & Uncle Everett and Aunt Sylvie all together. All of them have left their earthly home. How neat though to have some new pictures to look at of someone so special to me!

The 1st week of school went very well and even Austin has done great in his first two days of preschool. Pray that he keeps it up. Tommy is having a good time in first grade too. He likes having specials this year like gym, art, & music. Today is his first day of hockey practice on his new team. Yay for hockey season.

Hope all is well for all of you.

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