Sunday, September 30, 2007

You are the center of attention

Hehe. That was in my fortune cookie yesterday. How did they know? It's been a busy/exciting weekend after a busy/boring week. Lots to tell you.

Friday - 1:30 I get a knock on my classroom door and this soldier is coming home in about an hour from Iraq who lives in Reese and the family goes to our church and they want us to get out by the road and wave when he comes by. Fine, we scurry around and get some banners together, scrounge up all the flags in the building and finally get the call that they'll be there in 10 minutes. More about 10 seconds as we get outside and are walking to the road and the one teacher is like "they're coming, they're coming!" So it was a sprint to the road and my classes beautiful "Welcome Home Sal" ended up being "Home Sal Welcome" LOL!!! We totally botched that I guess. It was neat to do though quick.

That night was the homecoming parade. The boys road on the St. Elizabeth float and I walked. My cousin Amanda was crowned queen by my other cousin Kelsey! It was awesome, even more awesome because Amanda was one of my students at St. E. So that was great!

Yesterday, Tommy had his first hockey game and his team looked great! Tommy played really good defense, almost scored and he had one assist! So fun. I'm glad we're back into that.

The biggest news of all though is that Austin is moving up to 4 year old preschool tomorrow. Mrs. T thinks he'll do great with the 4's as he knows his alphabet pretty much, and many songs and all. He's also a copier, definitely not a leader. He will march to the beat of everyone else's drum. So instead of copying all that young 3 year old behavior, he'll just behave like an angel with the 4 year olds. I'm not sure what to think but he is excited to move up. So then it would probably be Young 5's for next year as I certainly don't think he'll be ready for kindergarten.

Today is Sod Farm Ball! Hopefully we can pull off a win.

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Debbie said...

Fun stuff! Our homecoming parades are this week. Wow, your family is so popular!

Good luck to Austin in his 4yr old class - he'll do great. Wow. 4 ??? Already!?

Sod ball?!?!