Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Bees

We've quickly settled into our new school year routines. Austin isn't liking preschool as much lately but I'm sure he'll end up ok. He has a few criers in his class and once they get going, he gets going and he's harder to calm down. He just lets loose. Hopefully that will end soon. I get to be the helper on Thursday so we'll see how that goes. Tommy is doing great and aced his first spelling test last week. He has another this week with much harder words. The challenge is good for him though. Austin has about 5 more lower case letters to learn and he will have mastered the alphabet too. Maybe he will be an early reader like his big brother. One can hope! Although sometimes I just don't know about him as he comes over laughing with a candy corn stuffed up his nose. Who is this kid? Such a little turkey butt.

After a few fall feeling days last week we have a forecast in the 80's all week. I suppose this will be our last taste of summer. I usually look forward to fall and winter but I'm actually sad about saying goodbye to the warm weather. Maybe I'm just getting old. I don't know it's just been a fun summer.

Our ball team is 1-1. The team we played yesterday killed us 9-1. They had 3 guys who could just blast home runs. Ridiculous! Oh de well. It was fun anyways, especially the after party at the Bojo's. Party on a school night, we're getting bold over here.


Debbie said...

LOL @ Austie with the candy corns! WTG on his alphabet - Caige is still working on it as well.

Mom2Max&Alex said...

Awesome about Austin and his alphabet but sorry to hear he's having a rough time being there. Sounds like overall both boys are doing great!