Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Play Ball!!

Sunday the Sod Farm began the fall season. We started off with a 3-0 victory. It was fun, everyone played well. Then a couple on our team has a son that has his own team and he was short two girls. So the Mom and I played on their team and won that game as well. Fun Fun!!

Last night we took the boys to the Detroit Tiger game with Dad and Uncle Scott. It was the best game, or at least the best ending ever. Austin picked a great 1st game to go to. We were losing starting in the first inning and by the 9th were down to 2 outs, no one one and losing 4-1. The Tiger's got 5 straight singles and a walk to win it in walk-off fashion. It was Magg-nificent! Magglio Ordonez hit the game winner, Tommy had his shirt on so yup we're fans. I have pics from the game I'll try to post them tomorrow.

Austin had his teeth cavities filled today, that was rough. I'm so glad that is over with. Now we have to focus on keeping him cavity free.

In other ball news the Detroit Lions are 1 - 0!! Unbelievable! We'll see how long it takes for them to win again. ;) And what is up U of M? Not cool, at least the Spartans are 2-0 and our Reese Rockets are 3-0. Don't you just love fall?

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