Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amnio Update

Good evening, we got our amnio results back today. The baby does have Turner's Syndrome 45X. The good thing with this diagnosis is that it is highly unlikely to happen again.

Our appointment today went fine. While we were waiting in the exam room for the midwife there was a code blue in the lobby. An elderly woman was slumped over in her car and the husband just wheeled in there thinking it was his best option. So the two midwives and the doctor in the office ran down to help so we waited for quite a while before they came back. That must have been scary not being in an actual hospital setting. Hopefully she is ok. Our baby's hb was 192 with the doppler, very high. We got to have another u/s and the fluid just keeps getting worse and worse. The tech was a wonderful lady who assured me that the baby is warm and cozy and isn't aware of any pain. It eased my mind so much to hear that. My midwife and the tech both talked a little bit about their faith with me and that also helps. I just can't say enough good things about the staff there, they've been great through all 3 pregnancies. The midwife said we're kind of like a married couple, "the practice and us" for better for worse. Joe was joking that they were going to blacklist us as we have such odd situations. Joe always finds a place for humor, but that is a good thing.

So again we wait. Many moments I wish the time would just go by. I need to not wish my days away. Especially as I realize I will be 30 six months from today. Aye Carumba! I know a month from now I will be well on my way to physical and emotional healing. One comment I've heard from a few people is how tough this must be with the holidays here. It's not too bad actually and maybe it being advent is helpful to me; daily I'm reminded of the four themes of hope, peace, joy, and love. This year especially I have hope that I will be with my daughter some day in heaven and she will be perfect. I have peace knowing that she is not suffering. I have joy in my life with the great family I have. I have so many loved ones in my life; so many blessings.

So all is well on the Papesh front. Here is a pic of the boys with Santa. Only 2 weeks until he visits. Tommy is going to pee his pants when he opens his gifts. I thought I had a bunch more pictures to share but none of the hockey ones turned out. I'll try again this Friday night. Have a great rest of the week and thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers.


Mee Momma Ha said...

Dear Prairie Dawn,
Don't give up hope on your baby girl just yet. Sometimes these strong little girls survive, despite the odds. My daughter has turner syndrome, but did not have a cystic hygroma or hydrops in utero. I can cite at least 3 girls who are alive and well, though, who DID and the parents were also told that their baby had no chance. Hang in there - she may be your little miracle. Also, check out Yahoo Groups for a group called TSPregnancy. There are other Moms there who are pregnant with TS babies, or have been.

My prayers are with you.

Prairie Dawn said...

Thank you mee momma ha for the comment. We aren't giving up hope per se but we understand our situation is bleak. It is wonderful to hear of those girls doing well and how great that your daughter is one of those miracles. I will check out the Yahoo groups too, thanks for the info and prayers. ~ Dawn

Mom2Max&Alex said...

Still thinking of you and your little girl often!! I can't wait to see you on Sunday!

The Duncans said...

HUGS Dawn! I'll certainly be keeping you and your baby girl in my prayers. I think of you guys often, I have since I first "met" you on the board. Autumn Rose may be your little miracle as another poster said. You have been very brave to share your heart with us, thank you.

Debbie said...

Still thinking of you guys, Dawn. Love coming your way

Gabbing Gabbie said...

Dear Prairie Dawn,
Isn't it funny that we were each other's Secret Santa? I loved my robe! Jut now I feel like putting it on, lying in a couch and taking a nap.
Last day of school, nothing much being done. We truly miss you. Take care of yourself during Christmas vacation.
I shared your tears as I read what you wrote. You know me. Tyler teased me today: "You didn't cry last night, Ms. Gabbie." Stinker.
I'll keep you in my prayers as always.
I'm glad you held Autumn Rose. A friend of mine never held her twins and regrets it to this day. Now you have a little angel.

Prairie Dawn said...

Haha! I didn't have a clue that you were my Secret Santa but I can see the clues now. My first gift I left for you in the microwave in the cafeteria and some nutty student just put it on top of the microwave, so I put it on the kindergarten table and it disappeared. Somebody stole your stickers. I was glad that the rest of the hidings were recovered safely. I like my jewelry, I have to find something to wear with it at the $100 Dinner.

I'm not shocked that you cried, you're such a sap. Tyler is cute
giving you smack about not crying last night. You're growing up Ms. Gabbie. ;) I'm sorry about your friend, that would be so hard to live with that regret.

Thanks for commenting and of course reading. Hope you enjoy it.