Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wii would like to play

I'm embarrassed to post this but I am suffering from severe shoulder fatigue. I am absolutely hooked on that darn Guitar Hero 3 and my shoulder is a hurtin. Thank goodness for Motrin. I sure feel like a rock star though. My rocker chick (Judy Nails) is super cool looking with blue hair and a fabulous body. I think I need to go join Curves.

The boys are also loving the Wii and Austin is hooked on the Wii sports. He is doing pretty well with all the games. He is golfing right now and it is quite comical as he only knows to swing really hard. The over the hole, and over the hole, and over the hole his ball flies until finally he gives up at a +8. Once in a while he will amazingly chip one in. Joe and Tommy make quite the tennis combo and Austin does well at that too. Bowling is fun also, especially when you throw the ball backwards and the people watching all spin around and scream. I can see why these things are so popular in nursing homes. Austin just got a ball on the green amazingly and he is all upset because they won't let him change his club from a putter. Well he just blasted it past the hole and off the green so now he is able to change clubs, here we go again, over the hole, and over the hole. I wonder if it sounds as funny as it looks. Time for baseball now I guess.

Tommy just finished his 4th and final day in a row of early hockey. Joe is already back in bed. Tommy came in joking that I will miss his next game because it is at 7:45 next Saturday. Can I just ask what fruitcake makes a schedule with hockey games that early??? Man oh man. Yes, I am lazy and enjoy sleeping in on the weekends! My brother Andrew plays on the high school hockey team and he has 5:30 am practices. That is insane! They are growing boys, how can they be successful in school after going to a 5:30 am practice? I just don't understand!

Wow! Austin just hit a Wii home run. He'll get some serious experience points from that!

I guess I will sign off. Christmas vacation is certainly flying by! I hope everyone has a wonderful time on this long holiday weekend!


Debbie said...

Happy New Year Dawn! LOL @ Austin playing golf - i'm sure Caige would be the same way. I need to try that Wii next time i'm over ;)

Oh man, I totally agree with you on the time of those practices and games. Insane!

Prairie Dawn said...

Anytime you want to visit Deb just let me know. It would be FUN! I'll be sure that Mr. Miller is here when you visit too. ;) Of course I'd like to get to good ole Illinois to see you punkies down there. I can bring the Wii!

Kelly said...

yes, and while you are on your trek to IL, swing down to Peoria too! My hubby tells me 2 days before Christmas, I think one of those Wii's would be fun. Do you think you could find one? Ummmm hello, No way! We have never been video game people,but I must admit they sound like a lot of fun!

Prairie Dawn said...

Kelly - Hmm...Peoria, that is a long ways into Illinois? Maybe during summer vacation I could hit Deb's, than my brother's, then you. Illinois is becoming a happening state. I could bring the Wii down to play with you guys too. We got ours in August, of course last Friday after the service Joe and I happened into Best Buy and they had them in stock. Not for long though, people were grabbing them with the biggest smiles on their faces.

Debbie said...

Peoria is only about an hour from me Dawn! Roadtrip! LOL. Fun bars down there, hehe, not that I would know.

That is where my dad was in the hospital way back when too - hour drive there; hour drive back. Remember?

Nice to 'meet' you Kelly!

Dawn said...

Deb - Well holy crow now I for sure have to get down there. What are you about 6 hours from my house? I do remember when your Dad was so sick and in the hospital, scary deal for sure. You didn't have the boys in Peoria did you?

Debbie said...

I had to take Trace w/me because he was only 2mths old and nursing. My neighbor or Ryan would come w/me because kids were not allowed in intensive care.

Caige I would get a sitter for...

ya i'd say 6/7 hours distance between us