Friday, December 14, 2007

The XO Baby

This will be a boring full of nonsense post, but I noticed my visitor ticker is getting up there so you all must want a post. :)

Joe and I have been together for 15 years, married for 10. We knew early on we wanted to get married and the sooner the better. I was a senior in high school working at a dime store kind of place and Joe was at Chuck E Cheese. Not the best of jobs. January he got his foot in the door at this new internet company Concentric Network. It paid $8/hr and I thought he was rich during our $4.25 min. wage days. I knew from him getting that job we would be able to get married and we did about 18 months later. Joe quickly moved up the ranks there and with a bunch of stock options in a bull market we made big bucks. Every Christmas we get out the Concentric Network ornament and put it on the tree even though he hasn't worked there for a while because after all, "this is the house Concentric built." In 2000, Concentric and Nexlink merged and then soon became known as XO Communications. Darn XO, such crazy days. It just floored me when Joe talked about his former employer and laughed about having an XO baby. If you don't understand what Turner's is, basically all humans have two genes XX for girls, XY for boys. Either a defective egg or sperm, we really don't know kicked out the one gene and so we have an XO baby, that's really what the doctors call it. Just a silly irony I suppose.

That darn Tommy wants on this computer and says to me, "I thought you said you have 6 hours of school work to do this weekend?" Little Beast! I should have said to him you are up awful late for being 6! Mr. Attitude, ah to be 6 and think you are the shizzle! He did have a hockey game tonight and played great!

At school the staff is doing Secret Santa! It's fun and I've gotten a few surprises. My mean students come up to me today and say "we found a secret santa gift for you in the bathroom!" I was so excited and what do they do? They throw a roll of toilet paper at me! Their crazy humor! Gotta love them.

Austin is doing well still weiner shaking! What's a Mom to do? His cuteness lets him get away with murder!

Well I guess I shall go, don't know how much PC time I'll get with my 6 hours of school work. Only 5 more working days until Christmas vacation! YAY!


Debbie said...

LOL @ the whopping $8 per hour! I remember how proud I was back in the day to make more than minimum wage ;)

Cute story about 'The house that XO built' Love your writing!

Prairie Dawn said...

Thanks Deb - You are too kind! I remember when I made $8 in 1999 and I thought I was so rich! I don't know if I make much than that now. ;)

Mom2Max&Alex said...

I remember waiting tables back in the day and thinking I was rich too. No idea how I ever survived on that amount of money when I look back though. I too love the story of XO! Your little baby belly is adorable and I'm sorry I didn't ask yesterday how you were feeling. You look great as do Joe and the kids. I had a great time seeing you both!! Thanks for coming!