Friday, December 21, 2007

The Winter Solstice

Is today, Fr. Bill's homily at mass focused on the winter solstice. It's obvious that the Bible was written by people living in the Northern Hemisphere. Today is the longest night of the year for us Northerners. After today the days lengthen and light enters our darkness. It was a good message to hear on a day where I somewhat feel like I'm walking in the dark. Christmas is 4 days away, Christ be my light.

Autumn Rose had a beautiful sending off and I will detail it all later when I gather my thoughts. Everything was done perfectly and I have no regrets. Right now, the lack of sleep from a restless night is wearing on me. Didn't I say something the other night about never having trouble sleeping? I guess that long nap yesterday really screwed that up.


Kelly said...

I hope you had a blessed day! Thinking of you, Kelly
Oh, and you are welcome for the pics. I would love to see Autumn Rose if you are comfortable with sharing them.

Prairie Dawn said...

Kelly - I will send you some of the pics. I would love to show her off, but like you said in your blog I'm not ready for the world to just "stare" at her abnormalities and not have a care about her. I'll try to get them out later this morning.

therealtommix said...

May the angels welcome her into paradise,
May the martyrs greet her on her way,
May she see the face of the Lord this day,
Alleluia, Alleluia.