Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

This is why we didn't send out Christmas cards this year. ;) Well not really we just ran out of time but here are a couple that would not have made the 2007 Papesh Family Christmas card.

Excitement is in the air! Santa comes tonight! All our snow had melted Saturday night after a pelting rain but today we awoke to a fresh layer of snow. Yay, a white Christmas!

I hope everyone has a great holiday. We will busy busy running the roads seeing all the family.

So Merry Christmas from the Papesh's and God's Blessings to you and yours!


Debbie said...

LOL, love those pics Dawn and their matching shirts! Merry Christmas and i'm loving the pink background!

Kelly said...

They are so cute! That pretty much looked like our card and I only had to get one to cooperate. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Mom2Max&Alex said...

I too love your new background. The pictures are adorable, even if they aren't card-worthy. Hope your Christmas is filled with joy and love!

The Duncans said...

Tommy & Austin look so cute! Taking pics of 2 boys that cooperate is soooo not an easy task! The pics on our Christmas cards aren't great- the boys weren't that helpful!! LOL
I'm enjoying your new layout, etc!

Prairie Dawn said...

Thank you much girls! I had a few good pictures we just never made it to Sam's to print them out. It was more fun showing those couple of goofy pics. You can totally see their personality shine through in those.

Thanks for commenting on the layout too. I like the pink too, I needed a change from those boring dots.