Sunday, January 13, 2008

Championship Bound!

What a great game this morning. They won 6-3 but the game was never over until the buzzer. That other team was fast and had so many chances but our goalie was awesome!

Poor Tommy got hurt right at the end of the 1st period smashing into the boards. He got up so slowly and was just a hobbling to the bench. He sat for a long shift and then got back out there. He twisted his ankle but seems a-ok now! Thank goodness!

So wish us luck at 3:20. I'm really hoping to post pictures of a 1st place finish but poor Tommy doesn't realize he comes from a long line of 2nd place finishers! Maybe he will turn our family's luck around. :)

In the Bantam tourney, friends of ours have a daughter that is playing in the 4:20 finals. I'm hoping to have some double celebrating tonight!

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Jessica said...

Good Luck Tommy!!!!!