Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chicks with sticks!

That's me! Tommy's hockey association is sponsoring a fund raiser game with the hockey Moms. Tonight we had our organizational meeting and I just have to say you get a bunch of woman in a room and it quickly becomes a game of too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There is the saying, "you can never please everyone." That being said I hope the poor lady that is organizing it and the rink manager don't drive themselves mad trying to please everyone.

Tommy's coach's wife and myself are playing and on Monday night the coach invited us to practice with the team. I was saying to Joe "I hope I don't embarrass myself out there" and my beast son pipes up "I hope you don't embarrass ME!" What a jerky turkey. It was so much fun! And I only fell once! I am very proud of that, I got quite a few raspberry's from a few of the Dad's there watching. It was AWESOME! I can't wait to play in a real game. My coworker Jill & I are playing together so it should make for some very interesting fodder at work in the future.

One of the Moms there was one of my OB doctors. She was the doc that did my first u/s with Autumn and told us about the cystic hygroma. It was very awkward for me being in the room with her, I was wondering if she recognized me and all. I just kept thinking, I shouldn't even be able to ice skate right now let alone play hockey.

Oh well, I am living that is for sure. More on the Mom's hockey scene to come! Anyone ever see "Slap Shot" I am hoping to model after the Hansons! J/K

Austin had to go to Ann Arbor today to the physical medicine doc and the orthotics doc. He's doing well. He hadn't been wearing his AFO's since before Christmas because they were rubbing his feet bad. He was doing so great without them and I was hoping maybe he wouldn't need them at all anymore. I don't know what I was thinking but Joe said the doctor say that Austin will probably wear AFO's his whole life. His ankles roll out too much. That was a bit disheartening but what can you do?

We had the wonderful visit this weekend with the rambler boys who are Austin's age. We've been meeting up occasionally since the kids were babies. I know after every visit I would get a little sad because Austin would be so behind physically. The first time they were all sitting, Austin couldn't, then it was walking, etc. He's come a long long ways, but it's weekends like this that make me again realize just how handicapped Austin is. I know it could be worse though so I am thankful for all that he does.

Tommy and I had dentist appointments today and Tommy is still able to brag about being the only one in the family without a cavity. He's pretty near perfect I swear.

Joe took the boys skating on the pond tonight and Austin made some progress! We're still thinking spring hockey possibly. We'll see.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I'm so ready for the weekend, though there'll be no sleeping in. 7:45 hockey game Saturday. Fun fun! I'm hoping for a bit of a relaxing weekend as I'm still recovering from the Indiana wild. Bye!


Debbie said...

So what is a rasberry? I'm not up on this hockey lingo! Sounds like you will do great Dawn, wish I could come cheer you on! LOL @ Tommy's question!

Dawn said...

LOL - They were razzing me, ie raspberries. I wish you could come and see me too, it will be quite a site!

I got my surprise today too. Thank you RC!

Mom2Max&Alex said...

I'm sad that you still think Austin is behind! He is totally keeping up with the rest of the kids. The only thing slowing him down is when he needs both hands. I think he is doing AWESOME!!

Can't wait to hear more about the hockey!

Debbie said...

LOL, oh I thought rasberries was something more specific.

I agree w/Angie - I think Austin does one fine job keeping up. Heck he is already much better at the Wii than Max & Caige!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you explained "raspberry". I was a little confused myself!

The hockey sounds exciting... You should tell your hubby to take some pictures :)

Dawn said...

Oh Jess, hear this about pictures. We are having a professional photographer come in for them. These ladies are all business. I guess we are fulfilling some wild childhood fantasy. I know that between my Dad, brother, and Tommy I've been going to hockey games for almost 3 decades!

Deb & Angie - I'm glad you guys are so supportive of Austin. I know for you guys not seeing him all the time you can really tell a difference in his progress. I guess I was having a feel sorry for myself moment. (I do that a lot don't I) Tommy stung me when he said "geez, Alex can get up the stairs faster than Austin. He doesn't mean any harm though. And I just need to be thankful he can walk up and down stairs at all.

sherri said...


Austin is amazing...just remember what he has been thru in such a short time!!! Having watched him every day for so long, I know first hand how he struggled...but he has come an awfully long way!!! I remember the days before he walked, how he'd get to where ever he wanted to go by how I miss him...LOL

Let me know when your hockey game is, we'd love to come watch!!!

WTG Tommy on no cavities....

I still want to get together soon and have a wii GH party soon!!!! If you let me know what weekend works for you guys, I can ask for that off work!!! Drew does have basketball games on the next 5 or 6 Sat. mornings though...but we can work around that!!!

Mom2Max&Alex said...


Just keep in mind, Alex is insane and tried to poison himself with Aquadots. We spend most of our time at home running between two floors so he has had lots of practice. And it'll be ages before he can walk up and down. Crawling is easier so I wouldn't stress. I'm sorry you had a moment. I wish I would have done/said more while you were here!! Austin really is doing amazing!