Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Angie's boys get up way too early and us adults stayed up way too late. Max, Alex and I have been up for awhile now. Everyone else is still sleeping, even Austin who slept in his own little territory last night. I am a tad jealous. Let's see, since 5:45 am I've already wiped Max's bum, changed a soggy Alex, fed them both, and cleaned up a Max puke. Poor Max is always retching, I've never met a kid with a weaker stomach. This morning's trigger was he stepped on a soggy coco puff. Poor boy.

The visit is going well, it is quite an easy drive here. It's as cold here as in MI though. The boys are having a great time all playing and causing trouble. I think everyone will especially sleep well tonight. Why oh why can't I have that federal holiday off like everyone else tomorrow?

I had never been to Hooter's and now I've been there twice in one week. That's where we went last night first. One thing I didn't realize last week was how greasy those wings are. Ick. Tim says first you drink them then you eat them. Pretty gross. They give you a whole roll of paper towel and I guess so you can wring out your wings before consumption. I'm figuring to stay away from Hooter's for a while. ;)

Add to my pre-8:00 accomplishments. Just cleaned a red kool-aid spill on their nice white berber. I'm figuring Tommy must have left a juice box down here last night and Alex easily found it. Alex is almost 15 months old btw if you didn't know.

We went to a place that had karaoke. That is always a hit. Deb was singing some crazy song I'd never heard before. Kenny Roger's "Lucille." It was quite comical. I am going to have to drive home with toothpicks in my eyes after such a late night. I'm getting too old for this. :)~

Add to the accomplishments, a Max rescue from a small box he got stuck in. This kid is too much! Very cute, but I swear he will sprout horns and will go by the nickname Lou someday. hehe.

Well I guess I will send this book along. If everyone is still sleeping at 8:30 I'm waking there lazy behinds up. Have a great Sunday!

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Debbie said...

I bet you've already downloaded LUCILLE onto your mp3 player. It's ok to admit it! LOL

I can't believe you were so busy this morning - craziness! Sorry I slept through it. Or....... maybe not, hehe!

Love you!