Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy January 2nd

My New Year's Resolution this year is I want to get to work on time and hopefully even a bit early. It just gets so hard to leave in the mornings, however my days are much less stressful when I get to school before my students do. Today was easy, tomorrow will be harder I know. Hopefully a month from now I am still at it. It was wonderful to be back to work today. I missed everyone so much and it felt good just to have a productive day at school.

Our New Year's Eve was great except for Joe not feeling too well. We ended up at my Grandpa Moon's (Mom's Dad), we played cards, the kids played video games and rough housed and it was just good to see that side of the family that I don't see much. Both my Mom and Dad were there and it's nice that they can get along so we can celebrate these kind of events all together. They even were euchre partners at one point in the night. I guess this would have been freaky weird a few years ago but it definitely gets easier as the years go by. I certainly appreciate them making the effort to get along, although it did take many years to get to this point. It just makes is easier on everyone involved.

Austin and my youngest cousin Sarah chumming it up at the party.

The guys waiting for the ball to drop!

Again I hope 2008 finds you happy and healthy! I'm sure it will go by as fast as ever.


Mom2Max&Alex said...

I love those two pictures!!! Glad you guys had a nice time with family!! We sat home alone (well, the ILs were here) but it was still a nice evening! As for your resolution, good luck! I'm impressed that you made one. I'm not so good! I can't keep them so it depresses me to make them. I bet you'll do great!!

The Duncans said...

Love the pic of the boys waiting for 2008! Best wishes for 2008 :)

Dawn said...

Thanks girls! And btw, I'm 3 days into my resolution and still haven't blown it! YAY for me!