Saturday, January 19, 2008

Waz up...

Yah, sure I speak jive. Wasn't that the funniest scene from Airplane where the Beav's Mom was speaking jive to the gentlemen on the airplane? "Cut me some slack jack" was about all I ever made out of that. Where this fits in a blog post? I don't know.

We had a nice night. It of course started with my Tiffany's christening. There must have been at least 10 people there that Joe worked with. And many of them do this every Friday. I laugh thinking about the 5:30 rule that many of them have instituted. They have to leave by 5:30 otherwise they don't leave until closing and are in a very bad way. It was fun and there are plenty of interesting stories to hear.

Then we bowled at the Rocket with Joe's family. They then came here and we pretty much played the Wii. We did a little bit of sports and then Guitar Hero of course was the big hit. I got saucy and tried a few on expert. I know Jess and my students would be impressed. It is crazy hard. If I ever beat that I will admit I have no life!

Tomorrow the boys and I are heading to Indiana to Angie's. I'm excited to see them, and their new house. I saw them in December but I haven't seen Debbie since the summer so I am anxious for that. It will be a short trip but nice I'm sure. It's a little farther drive than Cedar Point so it'll be a piece of cake. Of course I've never driven to Cedar Point in the winter and we have some snow falling tonight. Could be interesting.

Well I guess I will end this boring post. Austin is awake and sounds pretty upset. Bad dream maybe? Joe has him, maybe Aus is mad because he wants to sleep in our bed. Joe is a big meanie! j/k

Have a great weekend! I don't know if I'll update from Fighting Irish country.


Kelly said...

Dawn, I hope that you have a great trip on your "angelversary". I will be thinking of you and your sweet baby girl. I hope our girls are together on this special day.

Dawn said...

Awe, thanks Kelly for remembering. It's hard to believe it was a month ago. You're too sweet. Autumn and Kylie are certainly chumming it up today. Your due date is coming soon isn't it? I hope you are holding up well.
~Take Care, Dawn

Jessica said...

Hey, Dawn- I'm impressed you beat EASY! LOL I've tried it, and I suck! I lack the coordination, I guess :P
Have a fun & safe trip!

Dawn said...

Thanks Jess! I don't think I'll ever beat hard! I've been stuck on the Slash battle for almost a week. Haha, maybe I really don't have a life.