Saturday, January 5, 2008

I've been DARED!

Hear this! I've been dared by Fr. Bill to toilet paper his home. He thinks just because he has a forest for a backyard that it can't be done. I think I could easily put together a fine team of TP'ers that would put any high school job to shame. However, he's the type of guy that thinks along the lines of "don't get mad, get even." I'm thinking woo hoo, I have one small tree in my yard. ;) But honestly it is the whole getting even thing that scares me, that and getting caught. His whole "revenge is a dish best served up cold" comment makes me nervous but oh, I've been dared! Hmm...I may need to ponder this a while longer.

Fr. Bill's annual Christmas party is always a wonderful time. It's a highlight of the year. It's so nice in January because the major hustle and bustle is over and we are able to enjoy the season with friends and without the stress. He puts on a lovely yet casual meal and we all just let our hair down. We laugh so hard every year over the silliest things. Crop dusting in church probably drew the biggest laughs last night. I could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard. Laughter is so good for the soul. We hit a new record and stayed until 10:00 last night, we were all just having such a great time. I truly am blessed to work at such a great place with great people!

In other news, I did make it to Tommy's game today at 7:45 even though he didn't think I would. It was a great game, 3-3 tie. I just love hockey. He is in a tournament next weekend so we will get our fill then.

Joe took Austin ice skating last night. He is doing ok but is so scared of falling. It is so hard for him with that weaker right side. Hopefully he will get some confidence soon. He loves wearing his skates in the house and is walking well in them. He also has a hockey glove that he will wear and has been shooting. I sure hope he can play on a team someday, he loves hockey so much.

I've made it through my first mini-week getting to work earlier. I hope I can keep it up but it was certainly harder the last two days. Endurance! I can do it! I'm also doing better keeping my desk area organized. I am certainly trying so you can't fault me for that.

I hope everyone else is still sticking to their resolutions, have a happy weekend!


The Duncans said...

If you weren't so far away I'd volunteer my TP'n skills to help! You so have to do this and take pictures to share with us!

Yay Tommy for an awesome game!

Logen got roller skates for Christmas and is doing pretty good with them. He pretty much just walks in them, but I'll take it! WTG Austin!

The Duncans said...

Oh, yes- And congrats on Making it through 3 days of your NY resolution! Only, like 250ish left throughout this semester and the fall semester?! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

Mom2Max&Alex said...

Yay for Austin on the skates! I wish Max seemed interested, but I guess we aren't so that has something to do with it. I'm sure with time he'll gain confidence! I can't wait to hear how Tommy's tourny goes.

As for TPing, I've only ever done it once in my life and a priests home just sounds scary!! Good luck if you take on the challenge though ;)

Dawn said...

Jess - You don't want to just fly up from AK to take care of this? Austin is the same way with his skates but I think standing is a big battle sometimes, our guys will get there. And thanks for the congrats on my resolution, I'm already dreading 5:30 tomorrow.

Angie - Hey he dared ME! But yeah, it's scary, I've gone a few times and I've thought I would have a heart attack every time. :)

The Duncans said...

Hey Dawn- if you buy my plane ticket- I AM SO THERE!!!! LOL

Dawn said...

Too bad your tornado just didn't pick you up and drop you off up here Jess. ;)

Jessica said...

Dang, girl! That would have been a FAR fall!!!!